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One: Being Responsible

  • Work: That One Project was delivered, no significant bad feedback which is Very Good considering what I heard about how it went last year, so cool, I'll take it. But the entire hospital went through a major tech upgrade a few weeks ago, and the fallout is Large and Mostly Unknown, which is the worst, because it means my supervisors are very stressed and can't productively fix the sources of their stress. :/ I am mostly just trying to keep my head down and not get too caught up in things, but we will see how it goes.
  • Moving: On hold. Loan officers and realtors are jerks. I'm trying very hard not to be bitter about this, but god, I'm so bitter and so helpless, it's the worst.
  • Health stuff: My skin is having more frequent freakout moments, it is the wooooooooorst. A daily OTC antihistamine seems to help a little, but I'm becoming pretty dependent on it and that's just terrible. It also really saps my spoons/general energy to Do Shit, which is a connection I'm ashamed to say I hadn't realized before, but would explain a lot about earlier points in my life. I also probably need to get better at monitoring my diet...but uuuuuuugh, so much energy. Bodies are the worst.

Two: R/relationships

  • Workplace Friendships: In the process of the major tech upgrade, I had an opportunity to make some new friends in other departments, which has been awesome and grounding in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. Also that terribly inappropriate crush has turned into something resembling a close friendship. We're no longer meeting regularly to study, but we find ways to catch up now and then, and that's really pleasant.
  • Not-work Friendships: Continue to be great. My local folks are Good People. I still deeply miss my not-local folks, sigh forever. But it is official that I'm attending that wedding this summer, at least, so I'll hopefully see many of them.
  • Local dating and the Poly Dance: Adding at least one person to the pile, who deeply impressed me yesterday with a deep knowledge base, a shared love for food adventures, and a fun time between the sheets. There's some interesting challenges here - our knowledge bases are deep but not necessarily shared, the distance isn't great (but better than some people in my life), and there's some physical body/intimacy challenges that I'm not used to dealing with. But I want to see where it goes.
  • A major shift: So as most of you know, I was planning to go to Boston next weekend, mostly to see someone specific who was an important part of my life. I'd realized, though, that we've been drifting from each other, and I didn't have the spoons to deal with the logistics of getting to and from Boston from my parents' place right now - so I canceled the trip. I am eating up a nontrivial number of dollars for this decision, but that's...not fine, but /fine/, if you know what I mean. I'm a little sad about having to make this decision, but it's the right one.

Three: Fandom

  • Plastic robots: Progress is being made! I'm definitely feeling a lot more confident in my skills than I was when I started the year and that is SUPER REWARDING.
  • Animated robots and not-robots: IBO finished, and I'm a little disappointed in the ending, but the series is strong as a whole. There's new Macross now and that's been super fun. I've also been doing a Build Fighters episode a day, which has been a joy. New Jojo too, which has been an UTTER DELIGHT.
  • Fanfic: Gonna get back into this. Making Gundam friends on Twitter has been rewarding!
  • Fußball: CHAMPIONS LEAAAAAAAAAAGUE. I am very nervous about Bayern vs. Athleti, but we will see how it goes!
  • Roguelikes: DCSS: Circus Animals is a really promising and radically different fork of DCSS that's been really enjoyable. IRDC continues on, and I'm drafting a Code of Conduct, which will be the subject of my next email blast.
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