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note to self: make sure Weekends 2017 doesn't just turn into "Donweekends" like most of 2016 did.

DEC 31-JAN 2: Purple Yam -> Hinterlands NYE
JAN 7-8: Snow Saturday; Plant Love House -> Washington Common Sunday
{AGDQ Jan 8 - 14}
{Mom in PH Jan 12 - Feb 5}
{Dad in FL Jan 12 - Feb 4 PM}
JAN 14-16: {MLK Monday} Veselka and Universe Unrobed with Jess Su; Don over at the Manor Sa - Su
JAN 21-22: no Don, no parents. QED Astoria Sunday noon. Mental health day Monday.
JAN 28-29: Still no parents. Don Fri PM - Sun mid-day, El Atoradero and Washington Common Saturday, El Castillo de Jagua Sunday.
FEB 4-5: Both parents come in this weekend.
FEB 11-12: Menkui-tei / MoMA / Treadwell Park with Don, Walsh, and Rebecca.
FEB 18-20: {President's Monday} Destefano's / Spuyten Duyvil with Don Saturday; Bibble & Sip / Book-Off / Housing Works Hells Kitchen / Atlas Social Club with Jess Monday.
FEB 23-26: Saturday Charcuterie Masters with Don, Ashley, Kaitlin, and Ron followed by Happy Lemon Saturday; Lan Larb Sunday.
{Lent starts March 1}
MAR 4-5: Red Pipe with Phil Friday; Rinconcito with Don Saturday; Crepe n Tearia with Jess Sunday
MAR 11-12: Weekend 'off from social' - Stardew Valley, Overwatch, general relaxation.
MAR 18-19: Webster Hall Wizard's Ball with Jess Saturday PM, dinner with Rax, Tili, and Clover at Red Bamboo Sunday PM
MAR 25-26: weekend mostly-off from social, Ayada & Sugar Club with Don Sunday
APR 1-2: Welcome to Night Vale Friday 7 PM The Bell House, Saturday with Don, Sunday solo
{Mom in FL Apr 8 - Apr 21}
{Dad in FL Apr 8 - May 17ish}
APR 8-9: Shopsin's with Don then Coney Island, Veselka and gelato Sunday
APR 15-16: Spicy and Tasty to Hinterlands Saturday. Bearded Lady, Plant Love House, and The Saint Catherine Sunday.
APR 21-23: party with Andy Friday. Decompressing with Don Saturday. Decompressing with Mana Sunday.
APR 29-30: belated Donbirthday Saturday - Jongro and the Ginger Man. March for Babies Sunday.
MAY 6-7: Great Saunter Saturday. Catfish and Soda Bar Sunday.
{Mom in FL May 13 - May 17ish}
MAY 13-14: Mother's Day Sunday, not observed. Head colds suck.
MAY 20-21: last Bundesliga game of the season. El Castillo de Jagua Saturday, Walsh Sunday with Don.
MAY 27-29: Party with Andy Friday. Brunch at Oxcart with Alaina, hanging with Don Saturday. A quiet Sunday and Memorial Day Monday.
JUN 3-4: Wonder Woman at the movie theater in Forest Hills with Red Ribbon Society Saturday. Was supposed to go to Queens Pride but hahahahno.
{Dad on El Camino June 7 - August 10}
JUN 10-11: Peaches Hot House and Bed-Vyne Saturday, Red Hook Ballfields (Country Boys, Bait & Tackle, Ice House, Pioneer Bookstore) Sunday, all with Don
JUN 17-18: Suzy's Roti, Hinterlands anniversary cookout, magical taco truck Saturday; Father's Day Sunday, observed at the Iceberg.
JUN 24-25: Ashleybirthday Saturday in Hell's Kitchen/Terroir High Line/The Winslow, Don evening and De Hot Pot, NYC Pride and Sammy's Noodles Sunday.
JUL 1-3: No therapy Friday. Dadbirthday not observed Sunday. A pretty quiet weekend. Got out of work early Monday, went to Ganso Ramen with Don, then Bi Request, then back to Don's; 4th of July Sunset Park East Harbor Seafood, HappyLemon, Soccer Tavern.
JUL 7-9: No therapy Friday, time with Kit including dinner at Katsuyama instead. Kawabirthday Observed Saturday: LIC Beer Project, Big Alice, LIC Flea & Food, Rockaway Brewing, Transmitter, Jackson's, Sugarcube Saturday. Kawabirthday Sunday: Wo Kee with Mom, Tita Emily, Uncle Terence.
JUL 15-16: Brighton Beach/Coney Island with Don Saturday, including the sunset, rock climbing attempts, and Cafe At Your Mother In Law. Wok Wok in Manhattan Chinatown Sunday.

JUL 22-23:
{Mom in Barcelona Jul 30 - Aug 10}
JUL 29-30:
AUG 5-6:
AUG 12-13:
AUG 19-20:
AUG 26-27: Kaitlinbirthday Sunday.
SEP 2-4: {Labor Day Monday}
SEP 9-10:
SEP 16-17:
SEP 23-24:
SEP 30-OCT 1:
OCT 7-9: {Columbus Day Monday}
OCT 14-15:
OCT 21-22:
OCT 28-29: early Halloween something?
NOV 4-5: Catgirl Goth Rave? {Election Day Tuesday}
NOV 11-13: {Veteran's Day Friday?}
NOV 18-19:
NOV 23-26: {Thanksgiving Thursday}
DEC 1-2:
DEC 9-10:
DEC 16-17: Jessbirthday
DEC 23-25: {Christmas Monday}
DEC 30- JAN 1: {New Year's Monday}


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