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I'm Kawa! Filipina-American ridiculous mostly-femme nerd, she/her pronouns please. Formerly [ profile] fandomonymous, [ profile] kawaiimae, once secretly [personal profile] mindcrack_love, rarely actively [ profile] kawaiidragoness, [ profile] kawaiidragoness, and [ profile] fandomonymous (only relevant for Yuletide). I'm also kawatan on Reddit and Kawa#7680 on Discord.

If you knew fandomonymous, you're probably familiar with me as a soccer nerd. I care somewhat less about it now than I did in 2010-2012, but I still keep up with Group Match-onwards Champions League. Still primarily a Bayern fan, still get emotionally sidetracked when people mention Philipp Lahm has retired, sigh forever. My feelings about Chelsea have become more mixed, though. If you knew kawaiimae, yeah, none of those fandoms are really relevant anymore, sorry. Except maybe Gundam, though my tastes have changed - I loved both IBO and the first season of Build Fighters! I'm a big Turbines fangirl, and Fellini is the beeeeeeeeest. I started building a few Gunpla in 2016, too.

In other fandoms, I care a lot about indie video games, mostly in the roguelike tradition. I ran IRDC 2016 and have appeared on Roguelike Radio a few times. I will probably never Let's Play/stream again, but I found it fun when I needed to have it in my life. Just to be contrary, I also regularly play Overwatch as a social activity with old friends, splitting my time between healing and tanking.

I'm currently in New York City. I work for a hospital system here, at the intersection of compliance/regulatory services and data science. I spend a lot of time walking around (no really, a lot) and eating the things that are easier to find in NY than elsewhere. If you knew me any time from 2006-2015, this may surprise you. It will definitely surprise you that I'm now openly polyamorous. (That relationship you half-remember me in ended in February 2015, and no, we never did marry.)

At the moment I am pretty polysaturated and trying to Make This Work As Best I Can. There's a PartnerBeast who has been in my life for over a year, as well as one female (Andy) and one decidedly agender (Kit) cutie. I have no desire to live with any of these people but I'd like to keep them in my life and deepen these relationships into something wonderful. Kit and the PartnerBeast have met once, but none of these folks know each other otherwise. I generally use neutral pronouns and terms when referring to the people I'm dating (partner, squeeze, cutie), but this is subject to change by their consent.

Three therapists have suggested I research the autism spectrum, so make of that what you will. I also have a touch of the anxiety and a history of depression, controlled through lifestyle changes and regular therapy. I non-ironically use a fidget spinner (currently a dupe of the old polished black Zentri). I have major food and pet allergies despite dating multiple cat owners. This all hamstrings my life in various ways (most notably the food allergy and the mental health stuff), but I'm balancing as best I can.

I generally post personal updates every month, keep vague track of what I do on my weekends, and read my dwcircle regularly. Sometimes I post more extensively about vaguely fandom things. I participate most Yuletides, however minimally. I don't talk politics much, but when I do it'll probably be about anticonsumerism, mental health awareness, and queer things.

I work hard to support organizations I believe in, and that includes Dreamwidth. I believe pretty deeply in Dreamwidth's mission, and I'm glad you're here. :)
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