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So yeah, hi!

  • The job did indeed start on the 26th.

    • I was (and to a certain degree still am) having technical difficulties but those are being solved - this is just what comes with a technical gig like mine. The work is...fine? I mean, so far it's been a lot of fiddly Excel (which is a thing I am pretty competent in) and getting used to the databases they have available. Said databases are mostly better set up than what I had at Elmhurst, which is a relief.
    • Orientation was obviously mostly corporate Kool-Aid and required-by-Joint-Commission standard stuff, but having really enthusiastic HR doing it was interesting and strange feeling. Something about being enthusiastic about joining an admittedly pretty elite community is odd.
    • The commute (and thus the earlier wakeup time) is something I'm still getting used to. Generally being in midtown Manhattan is something I'm still getting used to. Stuff's more expensive and targeted to upper-middle class to upper class office workers and tourists instead of lower- to middle- class not-necessarily-office-workers, which is weird. Dodging tourists regularly is super strange! I did find a Japanese grocery store with reasonably priced onigiri, though sadly and strangely they include omelette in their spam musubi. I miss the choices near my old workplace immensely. I also miss being able to do quick, easy runs to reasonably priced grocery stores and dollar stores.
    • The offices are fancy in many ways but there is no free coffee unlike my old big shared office. I've been mostly fine off of tea but I should pick up some instant Cafe Bustelo like I used to have when I was at my first location. (Cafe Bustelo is the best instant coffee I found after testing a few primarily Latinx brands. I probably should test instant Cafe Bustelo vs. instant Starbucks, but I have a feeling the Starbucks will be thoroughly shamed.) I don't mind having a cubicle this time, mostly because the office itself is pretty quiet.
    • Also there's tons of vending machines and a little shop for snacks and stuff, but said shop doesn't have tampons, pads, or OTC pain meds despite having Dayquil available, which is strange. (At least Elmhurst's gift shop had all of these things!) I probably should complain about that somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
    • On the bright side, being in Manhattan all the time means ALL THE DINNER DATES WITH CUTIES. I went to a favorite Szechuan place with the PartnerBeast and then checked out a still-being-built VR arcade in Herald Square, which...had its rough edges but was really promising, and if they can fix the pain points they'll do well, I think. And then the next day I had sushi in Chelsea with another cutie I adore, and shit was great. So yeah!

  • Other things happened too:

    • Pride! I marched with the New York Area Bisexual Network, which hosts my support group, and they were fantastic. I flew a pansexual flag (borrowed from a lovely organizer) and got about a dozen "oh my god that's my flag!!" moments from the crowd which felt really fucking awesome let me tell you!
    • The Night Vale fifth anniversary party, which was less Night Vale centered than I was hoping but did give me an excuse to eat barbecue in Gowanus and introduce the PartnerBeast to The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air. Plus watching John Darnell live, and I think I 'get' The Mountain Goats now, which is a net positive I think.
    • A cutie's friend designed a variant Thoth Tarot deck themed on city life, which is neat. There's a cheap Android app (one of the Fool's Dog apps) for the deck which I've been noodling with. I really don't believe in Tarot as woo/mystical, but I like the thought exercise of a somewhat random deck sparking inspiration and food for meditative thought. (Has anyone combined Tarot and Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies? Because that totally needs to happen.)
    • I somehow didn't bring this up before, but for most of June, all of July, and a bit of August my dad is out of the country! He's in Spain on pilgrimage (el Camino de Santiago) and from all I've seen on Facebook he's been having a great time.
    • Other stuff not necessarily worth recounting here, and just generalized downtime which my anxious brain didn't take well. I'm recovering, and having structure to my time now is helping, but uugh.

  • And coming up:

    • My birthday! (Thus this being the most Kawa of months.) I'm doing a crawl of the breweries in western Queens, and my cuties and partner will finally all meet, and it's gonna be great.
    • Summer Games Done Quick, which has brought back the Tetris block, yessssssss
    • Time to get through my backlog - video games ("Night in the Woods", "Ladykiller in a Bind", "Steins;Gate", "Desktop Dungeons", "Shadowrun Hong Kong"), a few Gunpla. Speaking of which, finally take one of my cuties up on an offer to help her build her Perfect Grade...
    • Maybe even a beach weekend? WHO EVEN KNOWS?

Hope you're well, folks!
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