Jul. 7th, 2016

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Health stuff (both mine and family members') sucks but could also suck worse, which I guess is comforting but that joyride was Unfun.

I went to that wedding, I saw my ex, I drank with other friends, I didn't die. Though good lord I have mixed feelings about my life in Florida I left behind! Chicago might be a city worth further exploration, though only in the summer. Hmm.

I'm uh. Kinda monogamous now? Ish? In a monogamous situation and not really feeling the effort to look for other partners? I might tell my parents about this one if only to make it easier to justify weekend trips?? WHAT EVEN??????????? But god it's kind of nice to have one less thing to worry about and someone dependable when shit is stressful. But I also felt like a complete fraud at all the Pride events I went to this year, and dodged questions every time I used gender neutral pronouns. Blargh blargh.

Work stuff is accelerating at a pace that is...probably exactly where I need it to be but also kind of frightening. And systems continue to be not where they need to be. Bleeeeeeh.

also uh i turn 28 in a few days so that's a thing

okay back to (an honestly mediocre this time) Summer Games Done Quick and Gunpla now (yes I am still working on that Ez8, lolsigh forever)


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