Jun. 16th, 2017

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  • I got the fancy-hospital job! Supposedly I start the 26th. There's a whole bunch of background administatrivia, some of which I'm nervous won't make it in time, in which case I'd start on the 5th (after the holiday). A tiny anxious part of my brain is worried they'll just drop the whole offer, but that really shouldn't happen...right? right?
  • I interviewed for another job that would have been more emotionally/politically/whatever up my alley, but was further from home, probably would have paid less (but had benefits even better than my old job, i.e. HOT DAMN), and used skills I'm rustier at. Because it is also a city services job I probably will not know if I'm moving forward with it until well into the fancy-hospital job, so eh. But it does give me an idea of what skills I could work on improving if I somehow have the spoons. (I doubt I'll have the spoons, but the world is full of wonders.)
  • I've been using my time off to consume lots of neat cultural things from all over the place:

    • I read all of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I read Fangirl a few years ago and liked it, so I knew what to expect, and mostly got that. As is apparently standard for me now, I want more stories about side characters (in this case, Penelope). I enjoyed at least one message present in the ending that I should not spoil.
    • I played through Gone Home in one sitting. I can see both how it was considered wondrous/innovative as a storytelling game and perhaps a bit simplistic as a story. I am too jaded to unironically enjoy its ending, but that's okay. The use of cassettes to create a soundtrack was a little trite but also very, very clever, and it makes me really want to explore riot grrl as a genre. And yes, I want more stories about a side character (Janice, the mom.)
    • I read The Strange Library by Haruhi Murakami, also in one sitting. It's very classic Murakami short story, and the illustrations/weird book design were a neat though not entirely necessary touch. I think overall I prefer Murakami as a short story writer over a novelist, and maybe that's blasphemous, but eh.
    • I visited the Guggenheim. I...do not love most abstract painting, but I'm glad the Guggenheim is there. The mobiles, the Plexiglass sculptures by Gabo, and the handful of Magritte paintings were probably the highlight for me, as well as the current exhibit by Anicka Yi. Maybe because I was also Actually Tired, but navigating the constant sloped floor was weirdly tiring, too.
    • I convinced three people in my life to eat with their hands on a weeknight with me. If I had planned better it would have been more people, but that's okay. The food was immense and perfect, the staff were supremely kind, and my friends were lovely, and those are the things that matter.
    • The New York Philharmonic visited my super-local park. The New World Symphony might be turning into one of my favorite pieces of music in the "classical tradition". I was less prepared than I could have been in terms of snacks, and sadly I spent almost all of the West Side Story segment looking for a bathroom. (Note to self, way back behind the stage is a large comfort station that no one goes to...) There were fireworks after, shockingly close to me, which was magical and intense.

  • Kit has been sick, at the intersection of acute and chronic physical illness, and it's been rough. I feel helpless, but a different kind of helpless than dealing with chronic mental illness. They are well cared for by another partner, so I don't want to create a too-many-cooks situation, but also a part of me really wants to physically be there for them. They were supposed to come to Jeepney with me and the Philharmonic, but obviously couldn't. That clearly isn't their fault, and I understand, but the sadness of that has been hard to deal with.
  • The PartnerBeast continues to have hard times but also be a super wonderful human being and it's hard to complain about that. I'll be meeting their parents again this weekend, which is a little nerve wracking but should be interesting.


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