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two posts in one day blah blah blah, but I should get this posted in case my Yuletide writer cares about this. Also, I guess I should make it clear: optional details are optional, and you don't have to integrate any of this blabbering into your fic. You're writing about things I love, with characters I'm deeply fascinated by - write what speaks to you and I'll love it!

For those who don't know about Steins;Gate, the tl;dr: it's a wonderful thing, about time travel. It was originally a visual novel, that got adapted into an anime that explored only one ending. A few years ago I wrote a spoilery thing about my response to said anime, which is oddly prophetic and interesting to look back on now, doubly so given what's happening in the fandom at the moment.

They're making more, both in VN and anime form, exploring another, more tragic ending...that needs to happen for the "best ending" to happen. Today, they re-released the episode where the timeline split happens, going down the other path. This is my VERY SPOILERY reaction to it.

Cut for length, spoilers on the main anime and beta-23, and more in depth depression talk than my usual. )

PS and PPS on typing things. )
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my personal life is the definition of "not exciting" so let's talk fandom instead


for lack of coherent commentary, here are my captains and vice captains being adorable. XP

Also, New Yorkers? Legends/The Football Factory (on 34th street, off of 6th Avenue) is a pretty damn great place to watch a footie game, doubly so if the relevant supporter's club is there (in my case New York Blues). They've bought me drinks and given me sweet Chelsea crest pins! But even beyond that, holy crap, I've actually started learning some of the fan chants because that crowd is just so awesomely intense. I probably need to cut down on the drinking afterwards late into the night part, but the rest is pretty great. (I really need to find a Bayern equivalent though; there are a few fans at Legends, mostly Munich expats, but it's hardly anything compared to NYB.) One thing I can appreciate is that if you're not in the mood for the overpriced food the main K-town strip is the next block over for cheap mandoo, bowls of noodles in the food court, and pastry shops.

though if we draw each other i'm gonna curl up in a ball and cry

* how have I never posted that Transformation (the Application of the Scientific Method sequel) is published? Also my gift to [ profile] louis_quatorze at [ profile] valentinesplay was Break and it's kind of gratuitously smutty but I like it anyway, and hey it's on [ profile] meretricula's rec list, woo! I'm clearly terrible at this fic thing, lol. also uh I haven't posted any of them on [ profile] footballslash or on the AO3, because I'm feeling lazy about tagging. Clearly I'm a terrible person.

* I doubt anyone cares but I've been at [community profile] fic_promptly doing a lot of prompting and the occasional schmoopy ridiculous fill. (First one is footie gen, the others are Ghost in the Shell SAC, because I'm shameless like that; uh, I hope you like Batou/Motoko as much as I do).

* And the rest from here on out is spoilers to a whole bunch of anime I've (re)watched lately and all of my feelings. Actually, would anyone like me to write a detailed anime/manga rec list thing? Stuff like "how I learned about Japanese history through historical fiction anime/manga" or "what to do after watching Ghost in the Shell and craving human-focused cyberpunk" or "mecha that make Kawa swoon"? Show of hands?

pretty much every incarnation of Appleseed other than the new TV series )

****Steins;Gate 'episode 25' OVA )

****Mirai Nikki up to ep 21 )

...i have no good way to end this post >.>
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So in my quest to catch up on all the anime I have been missing, I've finally gotten around to watching all of Steins;Gate. And I adore it.

Spoilers ahead and flailing at tsundere archetypes and the nature of insanity and hope )
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