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So! Application of the Scientific Method has finally been released as part of [ profile] cornerflag's Issue 8. It's something I've been looking forward to for a very long time and I'm glad it's been recieved well! Check out the comments too for information on what sort of drove me to write it.

The other cornerflag fics has been excellent too! I haven't gotten through them all yet, though I plan to do so. I realize I'm usually a fairly strict my-clubs-or-the-highway kind of person, but I'd like to start changing that a bit, especially with the quality cornerflag tends to produce. But a number of them are great fics! Really, it's been a delight participating.

I'm planning to write some form of continuation of "Application" for [ profile] footie_bang. It should be fun and pretty fascinating! It's already going in unexpected directions, to say the least, which is a strange and thrilling feeling.

I've gotten my assignment for [ profile] valentinesplay and it should be exciting! Maybe! Perhaps. XD

I am, uh, not going to talk about results. Considering how it's gone the last few games I hope that's understandable. >.>

In non-football news, I've finished Math Girls, which is excellent. The math can be dizzying even for a seasoned mathematician, but the romance is very sweet, and the two tie into each other very neatly. Seriously, anyone who can describe a dance with a discussion of the unit circle and make it work gets major kudos in my book. It's as much a book about exploration and proof and the joy of learning as much as it is about Taylor series and generating functions, which I also highly appreciate. I really hope they translate the rest of the series!

Bento Books is actually doing a thinly veiled fanfic contest - writers present math topics at the appropriate level, using the characters and style of the book, and the best entries will win a copy of Wolfram Mathematica 8. I'm planning something involving moment generating functions. It should be fun. ;)

Also, I've been playing a lot of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup lately. I am still a sucker for roguelikes after all this time. You can catch me at CAO playing (and by that I mean dying) under the name 'kawatan', and sometimes I'm at ##crawl on with the same name, because I am a big ol' nerd.

My post on the place you call home is still open for discussion, btw.



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