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hi guys

i'm in florida now, i'm gonna be an adjunct instructor at a college an hour away from here teaching statistics and college algebra and even though the pay is miniscule and the commute is ridiculous i'm very happy

even if it'll be over a month before I have my desktop back and therefore can get back into Let's Playing and podcasting with Roguelike Radio (UGH DID I MENTION I'M A REGULAR AT RLR NOW???? because holy shit i'm a regular at RLR now and I consider Darren and Eben to be friends and waaaaaaaaah i feel like such an ascended fangirl i am not worthy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

i live with my brothers-in-law and they're decent folks but i miss my partner so so so much

i'm also completely utterly over the moon about welcome to night vale, bwaaaaaah. anyone care to hear about my headcanons? (they are totally self-indulgent and borderline Mary Sueish but I DON'T CARE)
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Starting with me.

As I posted on Tumblr:

So yeah, this is a thing and it’s happening.

I’m overweight, weak, and essentially jobless. This is not me hating/shaming myself, it’s pure medical and financial fact. To reach the things I really want in life, I need to change all of that. I’ll be posting over in this thing every day and working on these goals until I get there.

Not all of you are going to support me on my way there, and that’s okay. Not all of you are going to agree that my goals are worthy. But if you’re willing to root for me and support me as I try to change my life for the better, I’d really appreciate it.

Being in better shape and having a job that fits the work I’ve put into my life so far: these don’t invalidate me as a woman, as a geek/nerd/otaku, or as a person. I still love all the things I love, I still am the person I am. I’m just evolving. This is going to take a lot of work: but instinctively, I feel it’s going to be worth it.


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