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Hi there!

You're most likely here because you've offered to give me a physical gift of some sort, but you might not know me in real life, or if you do, you don't know my interests well enough to give me gifts. Perhaps you're here from Reddit Gifts or a [ profile] yuletide swap. I've found I really enjoy these gift exchanges, so I've decided to make a more permanent list of things you should know before sending stuff, to help you!

The biggest thing you should know is my allergies: I am allergic to poultry of all kinds and the eggs such fowl create. "Fowl are foul to me", basically. I still do love homemade food and baked goods, but be cautious! I also happen to be allergic to both cats and dogs. I do still think they're cute, but I'm definitely not as obsessed with them as your average person on the Internet, so if you're going to give me cute animal-based merchandise, I'd rather see something more unique than cats or dogs. (The Kawa iconography includes rabbits, fish [particularly betta and koi], and pandas.)

I like caring for my talons! I have SO MUCH NAIL POLISH THOUGH (and makeup in general if we're gonna be honest), so consider this mostly an anti-suggestion, though nail art stuff (interesting polish strips, striping tape, tools, etc) isn't in my purview yet.

In terms of wearables, I range somewhere between 10-12 (petite) in women's sizes, have a body type between ruler and hourglass (I carry my stomach weight forward, but am overall 'hourglass' shaped), have short legs and not-quite-huge tracts of land (for /r/ABraThatFits folk, I'm somewhere around a 32G/34F UK), and my shoes are generally women's 6 1/2. [Dress and shoe sizes are American.] I don't really wear graphic t-shirts much anymore. I think I look flattering in red (and warm tones more generally) and like v-necks as a silhouette. I have one lobe piercing in each ear and don't wear much jewelry beyond a dual tone watch and occasionally minihoops or studs (or sometimes something dangly for fancy scenarios) and simple necklaces. I do have a personal fondness for soft scarves and cute hats. Feel free to surprise me with jewelry and accessories, especially if it's handcrafted!

A small anti-suggestion: despite being rather obsessed, don't bother with football fan stuff: I own all the soccer fan gear I want (Bayern, Chelsea, German MNT, and USWNT jerseys; I buy my scarves myself at games, specifically then.)

I do play video games with some regularity, especially indies on PC! My username on Steam and is kawa-tan, and you can check out my Steam wishlist. I prefer turn based games over real time, generally speaking, but real time with pausing (like FTL or Baldur's Gate) also appeals to me. I love games with procedural/random generation that force me to make interesting decisions, but I also love games that attempt to tell deep and interesting stories. (I am totally into visual novels but don't own enough of them...) I grew up playing old Final Fantasy games on emulators and VI was my favorite (and Celes is my favorite character in all of Final Fantasy), so if you want to appeal to my retro gaming side that's the best way to go. (That or Pokemon. Vulpix/Ninetails is my favorite of the original 150; I have also always wanted a shiny Milotic. Yet somehow the only Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I have is Explorers of Darkness. Oops.)

Oh, and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE roguelikes. Roguelikes roguelikes roguelikes. I've logged close to 100 hours into Dungeons of Dredmor and probably hundreds into Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. At one point in my life I was extremely involved in the roguelike community, but there's still plenty of games I haven't tried yet. (Oh, and an exception to the graphic t-shirt thing: goddamn do I want this NecroDancer shirt. Also if you can find me an @ pendant that actually looks good, I will find a way to wear it ALL THE TIME.)

I used to play more Minecraft than I do nowadays, and have one of the papercraft kits around somewhere, sadly untouched. I also own a modded PSP 1000, an unmodded PSP3000, a Nintendo DS (Lite), and a(n old) Nintendo 3DS - though I only carry the 3DS nowadays. I liked Bravely Default way more than I should have, though I have yet to try its sequel.

In semi-related technology, I built my own desktop and have an Android tablet - known respectively as Dithmenos and Okawaru, because I am a GIANT NERD. I also have a mid-range Android phone that could use an upgrade (a Moto G). I'd be okay with getting Play Store cash; it'll probably go into upgrading apps I already own. I spend a lot of time on the subway, so I also could use a power pack (bonus points if it can charge the 3DS somehow) and a better pair of headphones that still fit my tiny self.

Do chicks dig giant robots? THIS CHICK DOES, especially Gundam! (And lately, Macross Delta.) I started out on Wing, fell madly in love with UC design through 08th MS Team, fell out from the community, and came back with a vengeance with IBO and finally watching Build Fighters Season 1. Here's a gallery of what I own so far (plus a Unicorn in Florida and an in-progress Ez8). I am usually a Feddie, though Thunderbolt is changing my mind; Fellini is the absolute best part of GBF; and the Turbines are far far better than anyone gives them credit for. No, I have not built MG or RG kits yet, and I'd be into trying - from the RG line, the AEUG Mk. II and the Grandpappy (RX-78-2) look neat; from the MGs, I'd be happy to get most of the Federation kits (yes, including Ball ver. Ka) or Fenice Rinascita. And as for Macross Delta, well, the Delta Platoon are sweeter people but the Aerial Knights have cooler mecha, sigh forever.

Other anime-related stuff: my favorite anime in the whole world is Ghost in the Shell. I still don't own DVDs of the movies and that is a shame. I think Tachikomas are adorable, Kusanagi Motoko is my favorite fictional character ever, and I ship Batou x Motoko with teenaged levels of fervor. I love series with strong character development and a sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural flair, and have a weakness for crossdressers done properly. I would have liked Bakemonogatari better if it was more about the "inner monsters" and less about the moe (though I did like how Hitagi and Koyomi's relationship developed). I think Haruhi would have been done better if it was more about everyone's "weirdness" and less about the moe. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Science;Adventures as a whole, but my Minecraft skin is Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate because she is fantastic. I really need to buy myself all of Wandering Son because it's gorgeous. Said love for supernatural (...and crossdressing *cough*) has led me to fall head over heels for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. If I had to order the completed parts in terms of most favorite to least: Battle Tendency, Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run, Diamond is Unbreakable, Stardust Crusaders, Vento Aureo. (I own the first three volumes of the hardcover translation of Battle Tendency, but no other Jojo's manga yet.) I don't see myself becoming a figure collector any time soon, but other merchandise would be pretty neat, or fanworks. (If you want to write me fanfiction or draw me fanart for anything mentioned, I will be starry eyed. Seriously.)

I am a mathematician/Operations Research/data analyst, with a passion for math education and explaining math to non-mathematicians. My day gig has me cranking statistics for regulatory purposes at a local hospital, mostly in Excel, Access, and SAP. Vi Hart is probably my favorite living mathematician, followed by Steven Strogatz and Nate Silver; Blaise Pascal is probably my favorite dead one, with Benoit Mandelbrot close behind. (I have read The Signal and the Noise and the relevant New York Times columns done by Silver and Strogatz, but have yet to read Strogatz's books.) As you can tell, I lean towards statistics and optimization (as evidenced by the OR degree). I think e is more interesting than pi or tau or phi, the standard normal function is fascinating, and fractals are awesomesauce. One of my favorite things in the whole world is the Math Girls series, though I've only read the first novel. Tetra is another female character I like!

I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!
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