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Things that happened:

  • I didn't drink alcohol for all of March. It is and isn't a Lenten thing. I wanted to take a break and reevaluate what drinking was doing for me. It's been an interesting and probably-useful exercise, I will probably keep it up until Easter, but I do not think full temperance is for me at this point.
  • Dates! With people who aren't the PartnerBeast! It's like I'm poly or something!!! I'm still figuring out how to fit these new awesome people in my life but I really really want to.
  • Other social activities! I had both failures and successes on this point too. I'm proud that I was able to be social without alcohol, but it may have been an artificial constraint that didn't help me.
  • I delivered on some work projects I'm mostly proud of. Also it technically happened in February, but I got to move my work desk, which has been really useful for my anxieties but is something I need to adjust to.
  • I actually finished snapfitting my Gunpla backlog, go Kawa. PartnerBeast owes me soup dumplings now.
  • Gundam IBO made me very, very sad.
  • I got a major life...I'm not going to say "disappointment", but yeah. Something that looked hopeful that will probably not actually work out for me on my schedule. Sigh.

Things I am hoping will happen:

  • I really want to move. I've been claiming this for over a year now, and given other things on my plate this may not be immediately possible and/or be really exhausting for me, but goddamnit I really shouldn't be living with my parents anymore. I need to not be afraid of the temporary exhaustion in exchange for the long-term reward.
  • I want and need to walk more. Great Saunter is in a month and I'm not as ready as I should be.
  • I want to participate exuberantly in these new possible relationship-y things.
  • I also want to participate exuberantly in this relationship with the PartnerBeast, and celebrate the fact that we have grown together for a year.
  • It's also PB's (and my mom's) birthday in April. I have to think about presents and/or dining options.
  • The Tuesday after Easter, I have a dentist appointment in the morning and Bayern vs. Real Madrid in the afternoon. It will be my first drink since before Lent, surrounded by kind people doing a thing I love, and I'm really looking forward to it. In general, it'll be the first day off I've taken since my IUD checkup mid-February, which is feeling sorely needed.
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