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  • So I Sauntered. It was brutal and it took over an hour longer than I wanted it to, but even my fat butt got across the finish line eventually. Having my partner there helped immensely. I had no idea how beautiful the northern end of Manhattan was - I think I'd been to the Cloisters as a kid but basically no other time, so I could see walking Inwood Park in fall while the leaves change being an excellent time.
  • I met Dessa briefly during the first part of Heartbreakers and it was great, and she gave me a hug and confirmed "Fighting Fish" is autobigraphical, hell yeah hell yeah
  • That job switch...might still happen? Nothing is written in stone yet but my interviews and references went well, so who even knows. At this point I just want a decision, damnit. I feel a little weird about "selling out", but whether or not it's a better thing for New York City it's a better thing for me and that's just how it's going to have to be.
  • Relationships continue to be what they are, people are great but logistics is terrible but this is the life I chose. Funny enough, I ran into someone I met at [personal profile] rax's party last year in a somewhat different and totally unexpected context.
  • I should finally see some of my friends here in NYC again in the next few weeks. This is a ball I dropped for much of this year and I feel kind of bad about it, but I have people who understand. <3
  • Pride is coming up, and I dropped the ball on organizing marching Queens Pride with my monthly bisexual support group, but of all the things in my life to drop the ball on this is probably the Least Bad. I'll probably walk Queens with work again and walk the Manhattan one with the support group, or go to the party one of my cuties was talking about instead of marching. I should check in with folks. Hm.
  • I am having basically no luck with the current Overwatch event and also I'm kind of burnt out on the game itself, plus the 1v1 is not a thing I play the game for. But it's still the best/only way to stay in touch with some people who are important to me, and I still love the characters, just getting frustrated with gameplay sometimes. Blehhhhhh.
  • In non-Overwatch game news, these weird idle "games" on Android are oddly compelling. There's no real gameplay (your choice of stock determines who visits your cart, but you can completely ignore the money mechanic), and the stories are slowly given to you at random as you feed the characters coming to your oden cart. I finished both games over like...2 weeks or so?
  • There needs to be more Android roguelikes besides the Pixel Dungeons, Ananias, and really awkward ports of DCSS and Nethack. I'm stuck on subways so much, and my tablet is something I always have on hand. Suggestions welcome!
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