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JAN 1-3: new year's something - more like New Year's laziness lolsigh
JAN 8-10: Kaitlin & Ashley on Friday
Parents out of town Jan 15-24
JAN 15-18 (MLK): house shit done Saturday; Bowery Poetry Monday
Jarory visits Wednesday
JAN 22-24: something with Adam before parents get back (lol nope, thanks no thanks, snow); Brearley alumnae event Sunday with Jess
JAN 29-31: random social meetup Sat night

FEB 5-7: Bayern vs Leverkusen
Oliver S. born Feb 11.
FEB 12-15 (Presidents): mediocre first date Friday, alone for Valentine's Day, sigh #polyproblems; too depressed for Lunar New Year; Kaitlin and Ashley daytime Monday
FEB 19-21: Jess at Dorian Gray Friday night; Barcade with Isaac on Saturday; a first goodbye with Jarory Sunday
FEB 26-28: Adam Sunday, oh god my Gunpla backlog has tripled what is life

MAR 4-6: Klassiker with Jess, can't pay attention to the game haha auuugh, sign (almost) ALL THE PAPER
MAR 11-13 Jarory is in Tampa, siiiiiiiiigh. more paper signing, "curl up in a ball and not think for a bit"
MAR 18-20: I should probably see Adam this Saturday unless there's more moving madness going on? Haha nope more ball, woo depression
MAR 25-27: Easter Sunday. Brunch and Mad Max with the Red Ribbon Society!

APR 1-3: Sherlock with Jess!
APR 8-10: Brearley alumnae weekend - Friday evening and Saturday already RSVP'd, might do Friday daytime too? Results: eh, just Friday.
APR 15-17: Sunset Park with Don, what a delight
APR 22-24: on second thought let's not go to Boston. Instead: birthday present shopping, Image Anime/Midtown Comics/Red Caboose, pizza! with Dexter Friday; Sichuan with Don Saturday; March of Dimes Sunday
APR 29-MAY 1: Mom's and Don's birthday (27th); sleepover with Don Friday night, Columbus Circle with Jess Saturday, that's cool

needs more Red Ribbon Society
MAY 6-8: Dexter Friday; solo day Saturday; Mother's Day Sunday
MAY 13-15: Don Saturday; Grandpa Donato birthday thing Sunday
MAY 20-22: Kuma Inn with Don Friday; POKALFINALE KLASSIKER AT PAULANER FUCK JA (and only Don showed up ^^;; )
MAY 27-30 (Memorial Day Monday): Melt Shop & Shakespeare & Co with Jess Friday (bring The Aromatic Bitters) then pick up medications; La Vie en Szechuan and then head to Don's Saturday; Red Ribbon Society Sunday (bring artichokes, stuffed peppers, and olives); rainy day/cleaning/Mission Chinese with Adam Sunday

Euros June 10 - July 10 - how many matches can/should I catch?
JUN 3-5: sleepover at Don Private Library Friday->Saturday, Malaysian and Sake Bar Zabb Elee; Queens Pride Sunday with work folk
LH's birthday June 9
JUN 10-12: Banter with Don Saturday afternoon/evening
JUN 17-19: Dinner with Don Friday night -> Saturday; Father's Day Sunday - Ayada
JUN 24-26: Jess Friday?; Ashley's birthday Saturday noon, Donato clan Saturday evening; Pride Sunday

JUL 1-4 (Independence Day Monday): CPHQ and Astoria with Don Thursday; fly to Chicago Friday; Zach and Lauren's wedding Saturday; explore Chicago with FITSSFF some more Sunday; fly back Monday. I owe Hilty ~$265.
JUL 8-10: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Greenwich Village! Sushi-ya Greenwich, Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor, revived Pommes Frites
JUL 15-17: Quarterly rounding at Sushi of Gari 7 PM!!
JUL 22-24: Forest Hills and Greenwich village with Jess Sunday
Mom's out July 26 - August 9.
JUL 29-31: Donstuff

Olympics August 5 - 21, if the USWNT don't boycott due to fair play nonsense
AUG 5-7: IRDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE TO SELF: August 3 - 8 off inclusive, stay at Don's! Figure out how to make sure the plants are watered in the meantime, hmm
AUG 12-14: Project PD323 due Friday night, if I'm even still doing this hahasigh (nope, too sick, uuuugh); general self-care? ...I don't really remember????
AUG 19-21: early Kaitlin birthday Red Ribbon Society! Rice to Riches!
AUG 26-28: Meet the Donparents!

SEP 2-5 (Labor Day Monday): Meet the Kawaparents!
SEP 9-11: sushi with Jess
SEP 16-18: Donstuff
SEP 23-25: Rosey's baby shower

SEP 30-OCT2:
OCT 7-10 (Columbus): Donparents on Saturday
OCT 14-16:
OCT 21-23:
OCT 28-30:

November 8: Election Day! not-Shopsins with Don
NOV 11-13 (Veterans): Shopsins
NOV 18-20:
NOV 24-27: Thanksgiving

DEC 2-4:
DEC 9-11:
DEC 16-18: Jess' birthday (15th) - Station House, then Cheese Festival with RRS
DEC 23-26: Christmas
DEC 30-JAN1: Purple Yam / Hinterlands
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