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note to self: make sure Weekends 2017 doesn't just turn into "Donweekends" like most of 2016 did.

DEC 31-JAN 2: Purple Yam -> Hinterlands NYE
JAN 7-8: Snow Saturday; Plant Love House -> Washington Common Sunday
{AGDQ Jan 8 - 14}
{Mom in PH Jan 12 - Feb 5}
{Dad in FL Jan 12 - Feb 4 PM}
JAN 14-16: {MLK Monday} Veselka and Universe Unrobed with Jess Su; Don over at the Manor Sa - Su
JAN 21-22: no Don, no parents. QED Astoria Sunday noon. Mental health day Monday.
JAN 28-29: Still no parents. Don Fri PM - Sun mid-day, El Atoradero and Washington Common Saturday, El Castillo de Jagua Sunday.
FEB 4-5: Both parents come in this weekend.
FEB 11-12: Menkui-tei / MoMA / Treadwell Park with Don, Walsh, and Rebecca.
FEB 18-20: {President's Monday} Destefano's / Spuyten Duyvil with Don Saturday; Bibble & Sip / Book-Off / Housing Works Hells Kitchen / Atlas Social Club with Jess Monday.
FEB 23-26: Saturday Charcuterie Masters with Don, Ashley, Kaitlin, and Ron followed by Happy Lemon Saturday; Lan Larb Sunday.
{Lent starts March 1}
MAR 4-5: Red Pipe with Phil Friday; Rinconcito with Don Saturday; Crepe n Tearia with Jess Sunday
MAR 11-12: Weekend 'off from social' - Stardew Valley, Overwatch, general relaxation.
MAR 18-19: Webster Hall Wizard's Ball with Jess Saturday PM, dinner with Rax, Tili, and Clover at Red Bamboo Sunday PM
MAR 25-26: weekend mostly-off from social, Ayada & Sugar Club with Don Sunday
APR 1-2: Welcome to Night Vale Friday 7 PM The Bell House, Saturday with Don, Sunday solo
{Mom in FL Apr 8 - Apr 21}
{Dad in FL Apr 8 - May 17ish}
APR 8-9: Shopsin's with Don then Coney Island, Veselka and gelato Sunday
APR 15-16: Spicy and Tasty to Hinterlands Saturday. Bearded Lady, Plant Love House, and The Saint Catherine Sunday.
APR 21-23: party with Andy Friday. Decompressing with Don Saturday. Decompressing with Mana Sunday.
APR 29-30: belated Donbirthday Saturday - Jongro and the Ginger Man. March for Babies Sunday.
MAY 6-7: Great Saunter Saturday. Catfish and Soda Bar Sunday.
{Mom in FL May 13 - May 17ish}
MAY 13-14: Mother's Day Sunday, not observed. Head colds suck.
MAY 20-21: last Bundesliga game of the season. El Castillo de Jagua Saturday, Walsh Sunday with Don.
MAY 27-29: Party with Andy Friday. Brunch at Oxcart with Alaina, hanging with Don Saturday. A quiet Sunday and Memorial Day Monday.
JUN 3-4: Wonder Woman at the movie theater in Forest Hills with Red Ribbon Society Saturday. Was supposed to go to Queens Pride but hahahahno.
{Dad on El Camino June 7 - August 10}
JUN 10-11: Peaches Hot House and Bed-Vyne Saturday, Red Hook Ballfields (Country Boys, Bait & Tackle, Ice House, Pioneer Bookstore) Sunday, all with Don
JUN 17-18: Suzy's Roti, Hinterlands anniversary cookout, magical taco truck Saturday; Father's Day Sunday, observed at the Iceberg.
JUN 24-25: Ashleybirthday Saturday in Hell's Kitchen/Terroir High Line/The Winslow, Don evening and De Hot Pot, NYC Pride and Sammy's Noodles Sunday.
JUL 1-3: No therapy Friday. Dadbirthday not observed Sunday. A pretty quiet weekend. Got out of work early Monday, went to Ganso Ramen with Don, then Bi Request, then back to Don's; 4th of July Sunset Park East Harbor Seafood, HappyLemon, Soccer Tavern.
JUL 7-9: No therapy Friday, time with Kit including dinner at Katsuyama instead. Kawabirthday Observed Saturday: LIC Beer Project, Big Alice, LIC Flea & Food, Rockaway Brewing, Transmitter, Jackson's, Sugarcube Saturday. Kawabirthday Sunday: Wo Kee with Mom, Tita Emily, Uncle Terence.
JUL 15-16: Brighton Beach/Coney Island with Don Saturday, including the sunset, rock climbing attempts, and Cafe At Your Mother In Law. Wok Wok in Manhattan Chinatown Sunday.
JUL 22-23: Kit and Ben Friday before therapy. Deliberate solo day Saturday, Queens Botanical Garden, Dumpling Galaxy, White Bear, Queens Night Market. Sunday Gunpla.
{Mom in Barcelona Jul 30 - Aug 10}
JUL 29-30: Sick. :( Mostly spent with Mom before she left Sunday afternoon.
AUG 5-6: Andy Thursday, partial "work day" Friday, Kate Flushing Saturday (Spring Shabu Shabu and Prince Tea House), Don Sunday -> Monday, spent mostly (entirely?) at the Library.
AUG 12-13: Dad's back, spend much of the weekend Dealing With That.
{Dad in FL Aug 16 - Sep 29}
AUG 19-20: Apartment shenanigans Saturday, Don Saturday evening (street fair in front of LGBTQ Center, Bureau of General Studies Queer Edition, Myers of Keswick, Grassroots) -> Sunday (David's Brisket).
AUG 26-27: Kaitlinbirthday Saturday in Brooklyn Bridge Park, then solo K-Town sake and izakaya at East Sake Bar. Lunch with Don and Donmom in Flushing (Guanfu, J-Mart, New World Mall basement), then wandering Flushing with Don (Prince Tea House, Anime Castle, Latin Bakery, Flushing Meadows Corona) and solo (mall shit, Happy Lemon) Sunday. Work from home (not actually working) Monday, mostly clearing shit up at home, with a snack break at Panorama.
SEP 2-4: {Labor Day Monday} Working from home Friday! Kitday Saturday, migraine-y cuddles. Sunday just kind of sucked lolsigh. Bi Request is Monday.
SEP 9-10: This was a Donweekend. We went to some little Mexican restaurant run by a Guatemalan family, and I lost my wallet. :|
SEP 16-17: Also a Donweekend. We finally went to SriPraPhai and walked Woodside/Sunnyside a bit. Payag is gone because the proprietor is a Duterte nut, ugh. We slept for almost all of Sunday.
{Mom in FL Sep 16 - 27}
SEP 23-24: Zabb Ver (formerly Zabb Elee), Fresco Gelateria, Union Square Halloween Store, and the Strand with Don Saturday. Morgan Library, Broadway Flea, Columbus Circle, Libbie's with Jess Sunday.

SEP 30-OCT 1: Submit with Kit and Andy Sep 29!!
OCT 7-9:
OCT 14-15:
OCT 21-22:
OCT 28-29: early Halloween something?
NOV 4-5:
NOV 11-13: Roguelike Celebration!! JFK -> SFO Thursday Nov 9, SFO -> JFK Monday Nov 13. Fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes.
NOV 18-19:
NOV 23-26: {Thanksgiving Thursday}
DEC 1-2: Catgirl Goth Rave?
DEC 9-10: Catgirl Goth Rave?! If CGR is this weekend Kit might come with!
DEC 16-17: Jessbirthday
DEC 23-25: {Christmas Monday}
DEC 30- JAN 1: {New Year's Monday}


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