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  • New relationships continue apace! Everything not-PartnerBeast is lower key than PartnerBeast, but that's fine for now. Kissing people is great. Logistics is harder, but it's cool. Semi-related to this I went to my first play party which was intense but also really good; it was small/private and hella femme which was perfect for me for a first time experience.
  • I've pivoted from "looking intensely for a place to live" to "looking semi-intensely for a job". My employer is trying to "reorganize management" which includes folks like me, and whether or not I actually get laid off, it's best I just get out while I can. I was also struggling somewhat with motivation at the job, so it's probably for the best, but still. Bluh. I'm not really happy about this, but it is what it is. I have an interview tomorrow, which would be a lateral move (my position at a private hospital instead of a public one). I know the person who's leaving the position (a former coworker, in fact, who's leaving this job to move to California with his boyfriend!) That would start in June if it happens, which would work...kind of nicely? Who even knows with logistics anymore.
  • I successfully kept my not-quite-Lenten thing. I don't think I'm going to go sober again for a while, but it was a useful change of perspective.
  • The dentist appointment I mentioned found a bunch of cavities, some of which I got filled today. Also bluh. This time last year I was getting hives from a mix of anxiety and allergies, and got a prescription-strength antihistamine which has also been prescribed as anti-anxiety medication in the past (hydroxyzine/Atarax, for the curious). Between that and the lidocaine for local anaesthesia it went surprisingly great for not having had dental work done in years. At some point I'll have to schedule my appointment for the other cavities, but I'll follow through on this interview first to see how my next few months go.
  • The Bayern game I mentioned...did not go well, and it wasn't necessarily because Real were the better team, and oh god I'm really fucking salty about fußball save me from this hell. I am really emotionally gutted that *that fucking game* was Lahm's last CL game, and the nostalgia wave before and after has been an interesting ride.
  • I didn't play a ton of Overwatch Uprising, but I played enough to get the D.Va intro and the Lucio 'boop!' line, so I'm good.
  • I bought my mom and my PartnerBeast awesome well-researched techy things for their birthdays (a Moto X Pure for my mom, who wanted a dual-SIM unlocked Android phone; a Unicomp Ultra Classic 104-key for my partner, who wanted a mechanical keyboard). I also took my mom with my sister to a Greek seafood place that was excellent, and met most of PB's friends for Korean barbeque and fancy drinks.
  • Great Saunter is in a few days oh god my body is not quite ready but we're doing it anyway
  • DESSA IS COMING TO NYC NEXT WEEK AND I'M GOING WITH A CUTIE AND IT'S GONNA BE GREAT ....even if it's got a decent chance of being really focused on monogamy and we're both pretty dedicated non-monogamists lolsigh


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