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  • This harder than I anticipated, not more than I can handle but I have to be "on" a larger percent of the time so that's rough getting used to. The commute continues to be ass but I think I'm getting the hang of it, and my supervisors are pretty lenient about it. I can theoretically work from home sometimes but I've been having technical difficulties getting everything set up, and the one completely incompetent area of the place is tech support, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  • Weekly dinners with PartnerBeast was the best fucking idea, especially because it's often spots in Manhattan Chinatown that are exaaaaaaaaaactly what I culturally need amidst a week of Midtown nonsense.
  • I'm definitely seeing my other cuties more thanks to working in Midtown and that's pretty great too. Unfortunately I am not getting nearly as much intimacy/cuddles as I want right now (a lot of this seeing others is through dinners/drinks out), but I'm working on fixing that and a lot of it is circumstantial.
  • My birthday was not perfect but it was honestly really great walking through that area and seeing my partners and friends. Not all at once and not everyone, but for reasons that weren't people's fault.
  • I did go to Coney Island but I didn't swim. Did watch the sun set over the Cyclone which was pretty wonderful and I'm glad I did it.
  • My dad had a really great Camino, and is now touristing through Spain with my mom for a bit before they both come back. After they're back I'm hoping to bring up moving out. The real estate market right now is absolutely dire, but I'm emotionally ready and that's a compromise I think I'm just going to have to make. I'm nervous about this talk but the people in my life are being really supportive when I discuss it, so I think I'm just going to have to set my jaw and do it like I did with my salary two months ago.
  • There's a free yoga class every week through work, which I've started turning into part of my routine. It is hard but good and a nice change of pace; I'll see how it feels over time.
  • SGDQ was less awesome than I was hoping to be, though one of my cuties suggested going through some of the longer runs that I missed. (Also can we talk about dating someone who is also into watching these, because yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)
  • I got...partway through one Gunpla and maybe a third of the way through Night in the Woods, lolsigh. What even is time?
  • I'm technically taking part in GISHWHES this year though super casually, we'll see where that goes.
  • Oh shit, the Bundesliga starts this month. I should go to Paulaner at least once. Hm.
  • The Lunar Eclipse is this month, too, during work but I'll figure it out.


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