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Hello, [ profile] ceridweyn_lin! Thank you SO MUCH for offering to write Math Girls fic, even if you haven't read the book yet! I am so insanely excited about this, you don't even know.

I realize you probably haven't read the book yet. Go ahead and take your time to do so; read it a few times, until you get a hang of the math involved, too. You'll probably notice the math really does tie into the plot, rather beautifully; it's really quite deftly handled, which is the real beauty of the book.

Now, you could just write me more of where that came from - basically explain another concept the Math Girls way, in a way that would be fine to give to the Bento Books contest. (Yes, I'm entering that contest too - I'm going the probability route, with a discussion of moment generating functions.) If you can do that, that's awesome.

But here's the thing - that's TOTALLY NOT NECESSARY for my fic request. Heck, you probably could do my fic request without a perfect grasp of the math, though the math helps the plot make better sense. >.>

So here's my real request - tell something in the Math Girls 'verse in the eyes of someone who isn't the narrator, and explore the non-math parts of their lives.

I'm a Tetra fan - I love her tenacity and her passion, and her crush on the narrator is ADORABLE. I also share her fascination with foreign languages, though not her skill. Perhaps Tetra offers to help the narrator with English after a semester of him helping her with mathematics? Perhaps she finds herself in a bookstore picking up an original English copy of Gödel, Escher, Bach or The Fractal Geometry of Nature (or whatever other math book carries your fancy; it doesn't even have to be in English, as I don't think the author ever specified what language(s) Tetra studied). GEB of course can lead to a discussion of self reference and recursion; and fractals are indeed awesome (feel free to get inspired by everything Vi Hart has ever done).

But I'm not exclusive at all; I did ask about threesomes when I talked to you, after all. >:3 Miruka is awesome, one part fierce mathematician, one part tsundere, one part normal teenage girl. What possesses her to kick Tetra when they first meet? Does she actually have some feelings for our narrator? What's her relationship with Ay-Ay? And yes, her musical skill and knowledge intrigues me too (again, I share her fascination but not her skill - music, language, and math is a very logical combination!) To play on the GEB theme, perhaps she and Ay-Ay perform a crab canon or a sloth canon? Or to look again towards Vi Hart, what are her thoughts on the science of sound itself? Will she imagine a world where music is structured differently than an octave, much like she imagines a world with only two primes?

I did say that music, language, and math are a pretty logical combination, and that all of them fascinate me. If nothing else I've said above inspires you, how about origami? Origami and its math - whether it be using paper folding as an alternative to straightedge and compass, or the axioms of flat folding, or the intricate planar graphs that make up a crease pattern - all of these are dear to my heart, and anything where the Math Girls characters fumble around with paper would make me squee as well.

No matter where you go with it, as I said, tell me more about these characters, their interests, and their lives beyond math. I'm so excited to hear what you have in store for me. <3


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