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...This letter is COMING SOON after I get full time Internet back from the clutches of Hurricane Sandy.

If you're here for Mindcrack, I'm also [personal profile] mindcrack_love, if that helps you.

Edit, November 2: Even after getting full time power/Internet back, real life is a little crazy, so it may be difficult (if not impossible) for me to update this to a "proper" letter for a few days. For now, relevant linkdumps:

My letter in 2011, which should give some general know-how about myself, as well as some flailing about Ghost in the Shell (SAC-specific and focused on Motoko, which is not the focus this year, though I specified an SAC-only character as my preference. If you want to write one of these Motoko prompts instead of a Tachikoma prompt THAT IS OKAY. If you want to write something else entirely other than Motoko or Tachikomas THAT IS ALSO OKAY. I LOVE THIS MULTIVERSE TOO DAMN MUCH.)
My initial flailings about Math Girls upon first reading it
My name on Reddit, where I flail about Mindcrack (and occasionally other things too) | My name on Youtube, where I comment on Mindcrackers and other LPers (and Vi Hart, if you're writing Math Girls) Also I may or may not be starting up some LPs once I get power and Internet back, kappa..

Fandom intros I've written: Ghost in the Shell SAC (for Yuletide 2011, including some description on why I think the Tachikomas are awesome), Math Girls, and Mindcrack. Also, have a MC Gamer primer at [community profile] mindcracklove.

My prompts follow the cut (admittedly mostly stolen from my [community profile] fandom_helps and past Yuletide letters), for those coming here from the Dear Yuletide Writer collection post on LJ.
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